Why So Many Sweepstakes Choices?

Why do we offer so many sweepstakes options?

At SweepsKing, we’re always looking to offer a variety of sweepstakes, including cash, gift cards, computers / tablets and electronics so that almost everyone can find a reason to enter. We also offer a variety so that our players can enter several different sweepstakes each day.

We also offer a variety of chances to win so that we’re frequently doing the best part of our jobs - awarding prizes. In August of 2019, for example we had over 70 sweepstakes winners, making it a great month for us to award prizes to so many players and for our winners, who got to take home their prizes.

SweepsKing also has a $25 daily prize and a $50 weekly prize, with entries coming from every sweepstakes entry for the sweepstakes on the site. Daily and weekly winners increase their chances by playing the sweepstakes on the site up to 10 times each, every day that the sweepstakes is offered.

In every case, we allow up to 10 entries per day. So, with up to 20 sweepstakes available on the site a player could have up to 200 chances to play each day. That makes for a lot of chances to win, and a quick / fun way to enter a variety of sweepstakes games